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BSM offers admission throughout the year (contingent on availability) so children can enroll when developmentally ready. We have an open door policy serving families of the community. Each family is treated with respect, regardless of their religion, socioeconomic status, family lifestyle, abilities, race, or culture.

Preschool F.T. Hours: 9:00-3:00pm  $1115.00 per month

Preschool  B/A care $125.00

Preschool Beforecare $62.50

Preschool Aftercare  $62.50

3 days per week $875.00

Preschool B/A:  Flat rate $125.00 or $12.00 per hour

Toddler F.T. Hours: 7:30am-5:30pm    $1440.00 per month

Toddlers part-time 3 days per week $975.00

Blue Skies Families Benefit:

*10% discount 2nd. child

*5% discount active veteran/coast guard 

*5% discount for paying 6 months in advance

*3% discount when re-enrolling for the next year

*Sibling enrollment priority 


To apply, it is necessary for the parent(s) and child to visit our school and interview with the Director, observe the classroom, receive enrollment information, and have questions answered.

An application for admission and enrollment papers must be submitted to the Director along with a non-refundable registration fee and a deposit equal to one-month tuition which is refundable after giving a 30 days notice and pay all tuition fees.

Upon enrollment, each child is admitted on a trial basis for a period of 60 days. This time is used to establish if we can meet the child's and family's needs. If that period is not completed satisfactorily, the parent(s) and Director will meet to discuss concerns. If a resolution isn't determined, BSM will provide a two-week notice to seek alternate care.

Each child must re-register each year. All registration forms and fees must be submitted to the Director no later than April 1st. to reserve a place for the following academic year and secure the current tuition. We ask for the 1st. month tuition and the last month tuition be paid in advance. A payment plan is available with the application packet. Families will receive a family discount as well as a loyalty discount when re-registering their child. * We may request a larger registration/deposit fee if enrollment is more than 30 days out.

We offer programs for each age group

Toddler Montessori

Preschool Montessori


*Application fee $250.00 per child/$300.00 families due at time of application.

We provide breakfast and milk or juice with every meal at no additional charge. Extended care is included in the tuition price. To earn volunteer hours parents can participate in providing a snack for their child's class once per month at the rate of 1 hour.

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See what others are saying about us!

Noah's time at Blue Skies, along with his sister Maiya, has been a great learning experience.  Thank you for nurturing our children and preparing them for kindergarten and beyond.  Maiya entered her kindergarten year prepared and confident.  We fully expect Noah to be the same.  Most of all, thank you for providing a loving and safe learning environment not only for Noah and Maiya, but also for the other kids at the school.  We value our relationship our family has had with BSM over the six plus years.

Thanks you,

Encarnacion-Gonzales family