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Our curriculum is based on the Montessori Method of Education and also encompasses the Developmental Theory which provides a structured academic program.

Preschool Program Curriculum


At Blue Skies Montessori we provide a core of developmentally appropriate activities for preschoolers that will build a foundation for the love of learning for years to come. Extra curricula activities include Foreign language, cooking and sewing. 

Practical Life
Exercises for Practical Life are designed to teach children to function in their own environment. The daily functions of our home are routine and simple to us, but are new and exciting to a child. Exercises provide opportunities to develop self-help skills. Children learn to button, snap, zip, tie, pour, carry a chair, etc.

Sensorial exercises are concerned with the development and refinement of the five senses, thereby sharpening the child's intellect and control and preparing them for the more advanced exercises. These activities help children to develop eye-hand coordination, as well as to develop the senses.

The child of three has a very logical mind and is interested in sequence and order in their daily life. This follows through into their subsequent learning of arithmetic, enabling them to learn easily and enthusiastically. Math is explored by working and manipulating a variety of materials, that will encourage thinking and problem solving skills.

Language Activities
Reading and writing go hand in hand and Montessori materials prepares the child for the introduction to both. Language activities are interconnected to activities throughout the classroom. Materials have phonic emphasis and are used to encourage the combing of letters to form words, through picture and word matching, objects and pictures.

Cultural Subjects
History, Geography, Art, and Science are enrichment activities of BSM's curriculum. There are three geography activities, based on the tendency to explore, introducing the idea that there are many kinds of environments in the world and that as a result, the cultures in each place are different. Natural history activities, which introduce some simple ways to order the many kinds of plants and animals we would find in our explorations, which emphasis the diversity of life and the rigors of survival. In Art, the emphasis is on the process, not the final product.

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"Dear Miss Vanita and staff Thank you all so much for teaching Mihna, showing her love, for guiding her and helping her learn to how to communicate and get along with other kids, for all the skills (including starting to read!) that you have brought out in her.We Love you!"

Jesse Rey, Maketa